Hewo!!!Tis is mi dweam log where m gon pwost abt dweams tat i had!!! Including sum old ones!!

Dream from 2018(?)

Su i hwad tis dweam where i was liek a bird person ig???I had wings insted of arms and bird legs insted of human legs!! I also rmbr being in my grandmas house, i kinda seemed all noirmal until i wan attaked by big black entetty, it made a big hole in our roof and tried to grab me, but i flew away from it however bc my bodey was too heavy for my wings i had to stop for a second but it was scary bc those wings were FAST and they were on da black wen too,,,Su i started flywing agin and thought maybe i should fly to a train station, hoevre it was reveald tat those black entettyie was send by mi granmaa,,,Su i got to da train station and got and da train however dey broke in and tried to grab me again but i flwe away again,,,And den i woke up!!