Wecome tu ghwosts plwaygwround....

Haiiii!!!!!! Tis page is was created tu improve mi code skills n just fo fun!!! So techneclly its always gonna be wip.;..Uo///oU

Abt mi!!

bodily white a minor
Extreamily shy n anxious
Non verbal autistic

Mi special interests!!

Weirdcore/dreamcore, 2000s nostalgia !!, mlp gen 4, old web/internet, old computers, early 2000s anime , PS1/PS2 a like ,Horror games,Old Vocaloid stuff, Creepy cute stuff, old "girly" shows(Winx, mlp, Monster high etc), ghost n paranormal stuff, Horror w hospitals


4/13/2022 - da begining of update log!! i dunt realli know wat i wan tu add yet but o do kinda at da swame time hab sum ideas????,,,,,Idk,,,UTxTU

5/5/2022 - Added dweam log!!!Its still wip but i mean its here!!!

5/6/2022 - added bwookmarks w sites tat i use n liek!!